My portfolio includes stories about appliances that come alive, an itsy-bitsy wife, a rainmaker, a crab man, a little hand, a professional future-predictor, a family ghost, a hot zombie lady, and a group of people boiling in a nice chicken broth, waiting to get served for dinner.

Radio & Podcasting

Counted: An Oakland Story, Snap Judgment (I reported on this story alongside a team of Snap Judgment producers) 

Quake City Hero, Snap Judgment (I co-produced this piece with Liam O'Donoghue, host and producer of the East Bay Yesterday podcast)

Senior Year Mixtape, Snap Judgment (I co-produced this piece with my colleagues Adizah Eghan, Liz Mak, Mark Ristich, and Anna Sussman)

Cowboy Ghost, Spooked

Cat Scratch Fever, Spooked

Benjamin and the Bear, Snap Judgment (I co-produced this piece with my colleague Adizah Eghan)

The Voice in the Woods, Spooked

Spooked Podcast (I was a senior producer for Snap Judgment's first spin-off podcast)

Palestinian Sperm Smuggling, Snap Judgment (I provided production & editorial on this piece by Shaina Shealy)

Speed Sisters, Snap Judgment

The Outbreak, Snap Judgment (I provided production assistance on this piece by Jake Halpern)

Double Agent, Snap Judgment

Ardour, Snap Judgment (adapted from Jonathon Keats's original story, Ardour, featured in the story collection, My mother she killed me, my father he ate me, edited by Kate Bernheimer; co-produced with Mark Ristich).

Big Al, Snap Judgment

Bionic Blondes, Snap Judgment (adapted from Kelly Link's original story, Most of my friends are 2/3 water, from her collection, Stranger Things Happen; co-produced with Mark Ristich)

The Faith Healer, Snap Judgment

13 Ways of Destroying a Painting, Snap Judgment (adapted from Amber Sparks's original story from her collection, The Unfinished World; co-produced with Mark Ristich)

GSA, Snap Judgment

Sleep No More, Snap Judgment (written by Joe Rosenberg; we co-produced this radio play)

Cassandro El Exotico, Snap Judgment

The Glassman, Snap Judgment (adapted from Rebecca Adams-Wright's original story, The Keeper of the Glass)

The Soul of the Soldier, Snap Judgment (co-produced with Anna Sussman)

Linked Lovers, Snap Judgment (adapted from Anders Howerton's original story, Cross over, boy, cross over)

Mountain Jane Doe, Snap Judgment (co-produced with Mark Ristich and Reveal)

The Firestarter, The Organist (with Jacob Winik, Carly Bond, and Rob Shelton)

Sleeping Girl, a Snap Judgment production, commissioned for The Sarah Awards (co-produced with Mark Ristich and Leon Morimoto; editorial guidance from Ann Hepperman and Martin Johnson)

With All The Bright Lights On, Snap Judgment (adapted from Delaney Nolan's original story, With all the bright lights on)

Eye of the Storm, Snap Judgment (co-produced with Anna Sussman and Esquire Magazine)

The Silent Twins, Snap Judgment

Freud in the Night Kitchen, Pop Up Archive

The Miniature Wife, Snap Judgment (adapted from Manuel Gonzales's original story, The Miniature Wife)

The Song that NASA Banned, Pop Up Archive

Bob Hope and Atomic Bill, Pop Up Archive

The Graveyard Shift, Snap Judgment (adapted from Charles Yu's original story, First Person Shooter)

Folksong and Potboilers, Pop Up Archive

And of course, she was a Scorpio, Pop Up Archive

O my Homunculus: The proto-podcast about Sylvia Plath, Pop Up Archive

The Futurologist, Snap Judgment (Winner of the 2015 Mark Time Gold Award; adapted from Kristen Steenbeeke's original story, The Futurologist)

Channel B, Snap Judgment (original essay by Megan Stielstra)

The Tortoise and the Hare, Snap Judgment (adapted from Amelia Gray's original story, The Tortoise and the Hare)

 The Watery Grave, Snap Judgment (produced by Julia DeWitt)

The God of Thunder, Snap Judgment

Robot Project, Snap Judgment (adapted from Manuel Gonzales's original story, Rampage)

Dinner, Snap Judgment (adapted from Alissa Nutting's original story, Dinner)

Fiction & Other Writing

The Un-Library, The Litography Project

Sail On: The Legacy of Oakland's Own Joaquin Miller, The Litography Project

Asleep, Asleep, Birkensnake

The Painter's Arm, Hobart

Weaver, Melusine

Crocodile, Necessary Fiction

The Crab Man, Corium Magazine


Like Animals, Spork Magazine

Little Beast, PANK Magazine